Elastin Biosciences

Platform To Tackle Elastin Loss

About Us

Elastin Bioscience Company

Elastin Biosciences is a spin-out company from Longaevus Technologies. With a future outlook on longevity and an extended lifespan, we are targeting the 10th hallmark of aging, which is the loss of extracellular matrix integrity.

What Is

Elastin ?

Elastin, is one of the most dominant proteins in the body expressed in the:

Vascular System

Elastin is deposited once in our lifetime in a process that ends in infancy.

As We Age

Elastin loss

Elastin degrades over time due to mechanical stress, chronic inflammation and a wide variety of diseases.

Our Approach

Elastin Restoration Platform

In Elastin Bioscienes, our team is developing an Elastin Restoration Platform to tackle elastin loss. Our approach develops a continuous pipeline of small molecules using cheminformatics, testing on human cells followed by testing on disease models of Elastin-related diseases.

In Vivo Success


Our small molecule assets developed at Elastin Biosciences mark a new era in elastin research. These molecules are designed to not only boost elastin production but also to fortify the structural integrity of crucial tissues, particularly in the cardiovascular system.

In Vivo Success: Our research has yielded promising results beyond theoretical confines, showcasing significant increases in elastin expression and enhanced arterial strength in our in vivo studies.